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13" Table-Top Medical Pouch Sealer

13" Table-Top Medical Pouch Sealer

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D-3010HCA is an impulse sealer designed specifically for sealing sterile bag and tubing.  The 10mm wide sealing seam provides the best protection and prevents bacteria from penetrating into sterile packs.  The sealing and cooling time can be preset with the digital control panel to guarantee consistent and safe sealing.  The sealer is also equipped with a cutting device and roll dispenser to make and cut pouches easily. The D-3010HCA sealer is also equipped with a counting timer.  Design is compact to suit any medical, dental, veterinary, or laboratory with a limited amount of space.

Easy to Operate:  No warm-up time needed.  Set the appropriate sealing and cooling times.  Pull the lever down.  When sealing and cooling cycles are complete, there will be a beep to  announce completion of the sealing cycle.


  • Seals and cuts all types of heat sensitive instrument bags and sterilization tubing (such as Nyclave, Defend, and Septodont brands)

  • Digital setting for sealing and cooling times to accommodate different styles of bags and thickness

  • Consistent pressure with 10mm seal width

  • Counting timer

  • No warm-up time needed

  • Seals material thickness up to 20mil thick

  • Clean and durable

  • Optimal seal quality and easy control

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