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Air Pillow Machine

Air Pillow Machine

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Ideal alternative to standard void fill. Impress customers with a clean, efficient, and smart way to pack and protect your product. Our air pillow cost less than peanuts or foam to fill the same space. Air pillows provide superior protection compared to traditional shipping materials and can be stored conveniently taking up a fraction of the space as peanuts and/or foam.

YC-03FD is equipped to handle large volume of air pillows on demand filling up to 145 5" x 8" air pillows per minute. Machine is easy to operate.


  • Easy to operate - minimal operator training

  • Fast warm up time

  • Up to 145 5" x 8" air pillows per minute

  • Adjustable speed and heating controls

  • Equipped with a 500m roll holder for up to 5,000 air pillows

  • External air compressor not needed

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