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Child Resistant Bags

Child Resistant Bags

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  • Child-resistant, two-handed locking mechanism and secured zipper to prevent children from opening (Meets ASTM D3475-15 standards)
  • Heavy 6mil thickness

  • Compliant for food contact

  • "Smell-proof"

  • Sizes available:  Large (12.25" x 9" + 4"), Medium (8" x 6" + 2.36"), Small (6.69" x 4" + 2.36")

  • Colors:  Black or white

Our CHILD RESISTANT BAGS can be used for any product that should be kept away from children:  detergent pods, marijuana or any substance that may be dangerous to children can be stored in these bags.  These bags include a closure zipper that requires two hands to open.  The zipper can be manipulated by adults easily but will be difficult for children to access.  These bags meet ASTM D3475-15 (American Society for Testing and Material Child Resistant) standards.

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