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CS-563BE Semi-Automatic Pack Station

CS-563BE Semi-Automatic Pack Station

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The operator simply opens up and squares a flat box, loads it into the pack station, uses the kick plate to fold minor flap and activates the switch to close the bottom flap folder and hold the box in position. The operator then fills the box, and when once filled, the operator closes the minor and major flaps and pushes the box into the carton sealer. The operator then presses the green switch and 2 of the bottom flaps are opened allowing for the next box to be fed into the machine. The CS-563BE Pack Station can be paired
with any uniform carton sealer.


  • Easy to operate

  • Saves time and labor costs to close bottom flaps before loading

  • Locking casters

  • Air requirements: 1 CFM @ 60PSI

  • Folding size

    • L: 10”-20” (250-500mm)

    • W: 8”-16” (200-400mm)

    • H: 4”-20” (100-500mm)

  • Unit must ship via LTL freight only.  Call us for rates.

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