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FS-Series Deluxe Hand Sealer w/ Sliding Cutter

FS-Series Deluxe Hand Sealer w/ Sliding Cutter

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Our FSC-220 and FSC-320 are deluxe impulse sealers with fewer moving parts and incorporating a simpler design.  The FSC-220 and FSC-320 seal poly bags and other thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently without any warm up time.  Materials up to 12” wide and 10mil total thickness can be sealed.  The sealer is equipped with a plug-in electronic timer which controls the different sealing times needed for the varying thickness of different materials.  The timer LED light will automatically change from red to green to signal the machine is done sealing.  We recommend holding the seal bar down for a few more seconds to ensure the seal sets and cools.  Manufacturer’s replacement kit includes one element and one PTFE adhesive.


  • Fewer moving parts

  • Wide-field magnet activates heating element

  • Less wiring and no microswitch

  • Plug-in electronic timer for variable control

  • No warm-up time

  • Sliding cutter to make poly bags

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