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FS-Series Hand Sealers

FS-Series Hand Sealers

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Our FS-Series impulse hand sealers seal poly bags and other thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently without any warm-up time.  Depending on the model of the machine, materials up to 20” wide and 20mil total thickness can be sealed.  FS-Series impulse sealers are available in available in 4”, 8”, 12”, 16”, and 20” with a 2mm , 3mm or 5mm seal width.  Manufacturers’ kit includes two elements, two PTFE covers and 1 blade (if cutter unit is ordered.)

Easy to Operate:  Set the timer; insert the bag between the sealing bars, then press down and release. We recommend that the user hold the sealing arm down for an additional second or two to ensure enough time for the bag to set and cool.

Replacement kits that include (2) Elements, (2) PTFE Covers, (2) PTFE Adhesives, and (1) blade for cutter units are available to order.  To order, use part RK-model#


  • Plug-in electronic timer for variable control

  • No warm-up time

  • Round wire option available for seal and cut

  • Durable and economical

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