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Sealer Sales, Inc.

FS-Series Long Hand Sealer

FS-Series Long Hand Sealer

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Available Models:

The FS-Series Long Hand Impulse Sealer series offers a longer sealing length for wider sealing applications.  Sealers are available in 23.6”, 31.5”, or 39.5” with a 3mm seal width.

Manufacturer’s replacement kit includes two elements and one PTFE cover.

Easy to Operate:  Set the timer, insert the bag between the sealing bar and the sealing platform.  Press down on the seal bar and release the bar after the timer light turns off.  We recommend that the user hold the sealing arm down for an additional second or two to ensure enough time for the bag to set and cool.

Option:  Round elements are available for cut and seal applications.

When ordering, add the letters rnd to the model number (Example:  For a 23.6” hand sealer with a round cut wire, order model no. FS-600Hrnd.)


  • Portable
  • All metal construction
  • No warm-up time
  • Equipped with an electronic timer to control sealing time. 
  • Round wire available for seal and cut applications (recommended for shrink wrapping)
Model# Seal Length Seal Width Power Voltage Weight (lbs)
FS-600H 23.6" 2.8MM 780W 110V 16
FS-800H 31.5" 2.8MM 1050W 110V 18
FS-1000H 39.4" 2.8MM 1350W 110V 20


Sealer Sales FS-Series Long Hand Sealer from Sealer Sales on Vimeo.

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