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Hand Wheel Roller Sealer

Hand Wheel Roller Sealer

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Available Models:

Our HWS-802HW and HWS-803HW are constant heat hand wheel sealers that seal plastic material in any configuration with a 5mm or 10mm seal width.  Simply place the PTFE coated wheel along the material whether the material is polyethylene or cellophane.  These versatile sealers can make round, oval, square or any unique shape with a textured mesh seal.

  • Great for irregular size packaging
  • Suited for sealing thicker materials
  • Equipped with a convenient rack to hold sealer when not in use
  • Temperature can be regulated from 150F to 360F with a quick turn of the knob
  • Temperature controller contains on/off switch with safety light
  • Sealing wheel is PTFE coated with an embossed design and makes 1/4" (5mm) on the 802 model and 3/8" (10mm) on the 803 model
  • Safety shield protects user from accidentally touching the hot wheel
  • Protective rubber mat included
  • All metal construction
  • Warm up time required (5-10 minutes)
  • Unit can be used for cut and seal applications by angling at a 45 degree angle
  • Available in 110V and 220V

Easy to Operate
Place the unit on the rack and plug into an outlet.  Turn on the temperature control knob to the setting that seals the material.  Allow the unit to heat up for approximately 10 minutes.  Place the material to be sealed on the heat resistant rubber mat and roll the hand wheel across the material.  Note:  A few trials may be necessary to determine the correct temperature setting and speed.

Hints for Best Results

  • Always use the smooth heat resistant rubber mat or corrugated cardboard under the material to be sealed
  • Never seal on glass, paper, or wood
  • Roll the hand wheel slowly and steadily over the material to be sealed
  • Avoid pressing down too hard or rolling too fast
  • Adjust the temperature and/or speed to get the desired seal
  • Replace the hand wheel sealer on the rack when finished sealing
  • Turn off the switch when sealing is completed
  • If you want a "seal & cut" type of seal, turn the unit so that only the wheel edge comes in contact with the plastic material
  • Always remove any bits of accumulated plastic from wheel by using a dry cloth or soft brush
  • Always unplug the unit before performing any maintenance
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