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Heating Element for TISF-Series Foot Sealers

Heating Element for TISF-Series Foot Sealers

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Available Models:

Sold as individual piece.

Heating element for our TISF-Series Foot Sealers.  Choose the heating element that is compatible with the following models:

  • TISF-302
  • TISF-305
  • TISF-452
  • TISF-455
  • TISF-602
  • TISF-605

**Please note: sealers with 2.7mm heating elements cannot be interchanged with 5mm heating elements and vice versa.**

We recommend replacing the bottom PTFE adhesive strip (1/2" wide sticky backed-remove the liner) every time the element is replaced.  Place the PTFE adhesive strip under the element on the base of sealer.

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