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Horizontal, Right Feed, Dry Ink Coding, Air Suction Band Sealer

Horizontal, Right Feed, Dry Ink Coding, Air Suction Band Sealer

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Our HL-MV980III is a free-standing band sealer designed to seal as well as remove air to reduce volume.  The band sealer also adopts a solid-ink coding device to print on the bag while sealing.  This sealer can be used in a variety of fields such as food, medical, and the cosmetic industries.  Can seal approximately 20-30 6" poly bags in one minute.


  • Nozzle type device for vacuum; Equipped with a 600G pump (640L/min)

  • Sealing width - 8mm

  • Durable stainless steel construction

  • Easy to operate minimal operator training

  • Fast warm up time

  • Solid state digital temperature controller to maintain seal bars at proper temperature for consistent seal quality

  • Motorized rubber conveyor for speed control

  • Knurled pressure rolls with variable pressure adjustment

  • Sealing method constant/direct heat accompanied with a pair each of cooling and heating blocks

  • Unit feeds right to left

  • Spare parts includes: PC Board, PTFE belt, wheel belt, fuse, motor brush, heating element, silica gel ring, silicone pin, and typeset

  • Unit ships via LTL freight only.  Call for freight rates
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