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Polyethylene Shrink Bundling Film

Polyethylene Shrink Bundling Film

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Shrink bundling film is made of a 3-layer polyethylene (PE) blend for use with automatic packaging equipment with integral heat tunnels for a bull’s-eye closure.

Our polyethylene shrink bags are designed to protect pallets and secure loads during transportation. Once the bag is placed over the product, heat is then applied to the film. This results in a glove like cover that prevents the contents from shifting or moving out of place. Shrink Bags are often used in place of stretch film, here’s why:

  • They provide stronger containment for pallets and loads that are heavier, irregularly shaped or will be outside storage

  • They serve as a quicker alternative in the palletization process, as they are entirely in one place

Shrink bags may be used to cover pallets containing the following products:

  • Corrugated gaylords

  • Furniture

  • Bricks and blocks

  • Bags of aggregate

  • Sand

  • Other regularly shaped objects

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