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Standard Shrink Wrapping Kits

Standard Shrink Wrapping Kits

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Shrink wrapping provides your package with a crystal clear, sealed, and clean look.  It keeps dust and moisture away from the product.  The wrapping prevents unwanted damage, tamper-proof packaging, and deters pilfering.  Re wrap items which have been opened. 

All you need is a shrink material (film bag or tubing), sealer (hand, I-bar, or L-sealer), and heat source to shrink the film (heat gun or shrink tunnel).

There are three steps involved in shrink packaging:

  1. Insert the item between the fold of film or into a shrink bag or tubing.
  2. Use a sealer to cut off the excess film and seal by lowering the sealing bar of the sealer.
  3. Shrink the film on all sides with heat gun or shrink tunnel.

Standard kits include:

  • I-Bar sealer with film roller (W-Series)
  • Heat gun
  • Shrink film (PVC, 500 ft. roll, 75 gauge)
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