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W-Series I-Bar Sealers

W-Series I-Bar Sealers

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Available Models:

Our W-Series I-Bar sealers are ideal for shrink wrap packaging as the sealers are accompanied with a round wire for cut and seal applications.  Our W-Series I-Bar sealers w/ sliding cutters have a flat element and sliding blade to make bags out of poly tubing.  For shrink wrapping, refer to our I-Bar sealers without a cutter.

The sealers are equipped with a round wire for cut and seal or flat if ordering the IC units.  Depending on the model of the unit, film up to 34" side and 0.025mm (100 gauge) thickness can be used.  All sealers are of steel construction including the work base for quality and durability.  Additional features include a timer, heat gun holder, film roller, film separator and sliding cutter (IC-Series).

W-Series I-bar sealers come in an ivory color.  Lengths that are available:  14", 20", 26", 30" and 35" lengths with a round or 2.7mm seal width.  We also carry I-Bar Sealers with sliding cutters.  Cutting lengths are 2” shorter than the sealing lengths.  The blade cuts 5/8” from the seal.  Manufacturer's replacement kit comes with 3 round elements and 2 PTFE adhesives.  (A blade is included in the cutter models).

W-350I/IC W-500I/IC W-650I/IC W-750I/IC W-900I/IC
Sealing Length 14" 20" 26" 30" 35"
Cutting Length 13" 19" 24 1/2" 28 3/4" 33 3/4"
Power 450W 600W 800W 1000W 1200W
Voltage 110V 110V 110V 110V 110V
Weight (lbs) 38 44 50 51 65
Dimensions 24" x 16" x 6" 30" x 16" x 6" 35" x 16" x 6" 38" x 16" x 6" 45" x 16" x 6"

Sealer Sales I-Bar Sealers for Shrink Wrapping and Poly Tubing from Sealer Sales on Vimeo.

Download W-Series I-Bar Sealer Specification Sheet for more information

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