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ZP-500 - 11" Vacuum Sealer (Uses Channel Vacuum Bags)

ZP-500 - 11" Vacuum Sealer (Uses Channel Vacuum Bags)

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  •  Self-contained unit; no external compressor needed

  • Preserve food up to FIVE times as long as traditional food storage methods

  • Simple to use --> "One Click" process leading to auto vacuum and sealing

  • Uses channel /embossed vacuum bags

  • Seals in freshness and seals out unwanted elements

  • Included:  One 8" x 9ft roll, 1o quart sized bags, and instruction manual

  • Warranty - 1 year

  • Manufactured in Korea, UL Listed

FoodShell (ZP-500) is an affordable alternative to the FoodSaver and Rival Seal-a-Meal household vacuum sealers.  Vacuum sealers extend the life of your food by preventing oxidation.  We recommend the FoodShell for light commercial packaging for the food, medical (clean room), electronics industry.  We also carry channel vacuum bags which are compatible to the FoodSaver vacuum sealers.  Please ask us for more details.

Say goodbye to freezer burn on meats, fish and poultry.  Keep coffees, teas, and spices fresher longer.  The FoodShell vacuum sealer will protect your important items from the harmful effects of static electricity, moisture, rust, oxidation, and other long term environmental exposure.

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